Medical Assistants

Medical Assistants are the Swiss knife of medical employees. They are trained to deliver direct patient medical care or work as medical clerical staff. They do a little of everything.

  • Nurse_Student_crop380w_crop380wLisa, MA – has been with Quick Care for over 18 years. She’s patient friendly, always a smiling face. If you need a hand, Lisa will always help you. She’s very knowledgeable in all facets of our operations.
  • Nickie, CMA – Is a real trooper for Quick Care. She has worked in our Marietta Clinic, been on call for both clinics and has made herself available at the drop of a hat. Most importantly, Nickie works even harder for  the patient.
  • Amber, Medical Secretary – Amber brings an extensive background in customer service to the front desk of the Parkersburg Clinic. When you’re feeling under the weather Amber will make you feel at home and comfortable until the Practitioner is ready to treat your condition.
  • Amy, CMA – Amy completed her practicum while working for us in our Marietta Clinic. We were so impressed with her performance we hired her for our Parkersburg clinic in November 2018. It was a wise decision on our part. Amy loves camping, spending time with friends and family, specially her “furry kids”, Tessa the dog and Meow Meow & Todd the Cats. Amy has a smile for everyone and is a pleasure to work with, whether as a patient, or fellow employee.