Summer Safety Hints

Summer is a happy time of the year


It gives us the opportunity to get out of the house, go on vacations, enjoy our beautiful mountains, rivers, and lakes. As with all things, moderation is the key to coping with the heat and the activities of summer. Click on this link to find useful information about

Summer Safety Tips

It includes topics such as Fireworks Safety, Bug Safety, Playground Safety, and much more.

Summer heat can also present a real threat. Visit this site to learn more.

Heat Illnesses Can be Fatal; Would You Know What to Do

Water and kids are a natural mix. Unfortunately, all too often, a deadly mix. For vitally important information regarding water and children safety visit:

Drowning: It Can Happen in an Instant

On a lighter note, there are the relatively minor irritations of sunburns, poison ivy and oak. While sunburns can be painful, they generally are not life threatening. Try Motrin (ibuprofen) to lessen the pain. With sunburns we lose fluids. Hydration is key; drink plenty of water, pedialyte, or a sports drink like Gatoraid. For additional relief use cool compresses with vinegar on brown paper.

Poison ivy and oak are best treated with an over the counter hydrocortisone cream and benadryl. Bleach will not help and avoid hot baths and showers.

If you feel you need the services of a health care professional, come to Quick Care. We’ll fix your sunburns and poison ivy/oak problems Quick!