Xray Technologists and GMXO Technician

  • Erica, R.T.  (R) – One of Parkersburg’s two Medical Clinic Managers; Erica is an invaluable asset to Quick Care. She excels at patient care and as a bonus she also works as an X-ray tech during her shift. You can recognize her by her room illuminating smile.
  • Karen, R.T. (R) Karen is quick witted, quick to smile, but all business when she is in her X-ray room. Karen also provides direct patient care and is highly qualified whether x-raying a patient or administering an injection.
  • Shannon, R.T. (R) – Has over 15 years of experience as an x-ray tech; a true patient advocate.  She aspires to make each and every patient feel like they are part of our Quick Care family.
  • Tammy, GMXO –   is the Marietta Clinic Manager and GMXO technician. Tammy has worked in every department within Quick Care. She brings a vast array of experience and expertise to the Marietta Clinic. We are fortunate to have someone of Tammy’s work ethic, character and experience to trust with our Marietta Clinic
  • Brittany, R.T. (R)  Marietta clinic x-ray technologist. Brittany is a very important part of our Marietta family. After completing her professional training she worked as both a medical assistant and x-ray technologist at a Parkersburg specialist practice. Since joing us in 2012 Brittany has proven that her background and experience make her a perfect fit for our fast paced, patient driven environment. Brittany has a warm smiling personality, just what patients need when they are not feeling tip top. We are very pleased to have Brittany as part of our Quick Care family.
  • Andrea, R.T. (R)  Andrea has over seven years of proven x-ray experience. Her bubbly personality, patience, and passion for her work make her an excellent fit for our Quick Care family of caring professionals. Don’t be fooled by her calm exterior, Andrea is a caring, loving health care professional that has your best interest in mind.
  • Laticia, R.T. (R)